The Prophetic Role of The Church

The Prophetic Role of The Church

“For the Lord is our Judge (The Supreme Court), the Lord is our Lawgiver
(The two Houses of Congress); the Lord is our king (The office of the
President).” Isaiah 33:22

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

In recent years, by virtue of pressure from the secular and political world, it has become popular to claim that the Church of the Living God has no role to play in the political life of a nation. The so-called “Johnson Law” in the USA, was passed to silence the Church and thereby rob the nation of the voice of God in public life. This was in fact a blatant violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution and, thank God, it was reversed by President Donald Trump. That the Church has nothing to say to America today is irrational and not biblical, given the crucial role that political issues play out in the destiny of nations. Has the sovereign God of the earth really got nothing to say to the nation through the mouthpiece of His Church on the earth? I think not.

It must be remembered that Mary Queen of the Scots feared the voice and prayers of John Knox more than any other and said so. He called her out for her sins though always respectful and non-politicized. America would never be where it is today if it were not for the prophetic voice of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. His voice was also non politicized and peaceful and yet it was cruelly silenced. The Wesley brothers, by their powerful preaching and urgent messages of repentance, transformed Britain and the prophetic voice of William Wilberforce abolished slavery. I could go on..

The Bible itself is testimony to the fact that great spiritual leaders are raised up to speak power to those in government. Moses is the great example of this as he fearlessly stood before pharaoh as is Daniel. As usual, their voices were resisted, ignored, and closed down but their prophetic warnings overtook the nations and peoples they addressed, and history has vindicated them. Today Christians in America are ignored and treated with disdain and even freely mocked for their faith, as Judge Amy Barret recently has been. Also, a huge event in and around the Washington Mall just two weeks ago, involving Franklin Graham, Jonathan Khan, near on one hundred thousand Christians, and many other spiritual leaders was generally ignored by the media. This for them was not news but, only if they knew, the God of Heaven was speaking to them through His servants. They are the losers!

As this very contentious election draws near it would be good to be reminded of the fact that:

“Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Righteousness is the standard of God’s Holy Word. It was upon this book and its teachings that the United States of America was established. No one can deny it. Even its idea of three houses of government came from the pages of the book of Isaiah and the inscription on Liberty Bell, proclaiming liberty to all, is taken from the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 25:10). Many of the initial thirteen states built their constitutions on the principles of the five Books of Moses and these remain emblazoned on their great halls of governance to this day. In fact, for two centuries and more the Sunday morning sermons, of well-known preachers, were routinely published in the daily newspapers and the children prayed in schools. Our Presidents, not for nothing, took their oath of office with a hand on the Bible. A good people were thereby birthed, righteousness flourished and God, by Jesus Christ, exalted the nation to be the greatest on the planet. Who can deny all of this? Bruce Feiler writes:

“And by rallying so intently around the words of Leviticus 25, Americans
we’re affirming their commitment to the country’s moral foundations and
its roots in the Hebrew Bible.”

With the passing of time the nation has become unthankful, it has abhorred the words of its prophets and delighted more and more in unrighteousness and now listens to the decadent voices that come out of Hollywood for guidance. Today America is in a free fall to possible ruin and it’s doing it while ungodly politicians mock God at every turn and tell you that all is well. If the call to repent and change is not heeded this collapse of the nation will accelerate.

So, the coming election, like that of all elections, is not about political parties but righteousness as declared by the inspirational light of the Bible that gave birth to our great Constitution and nation. The party or group that most serves these dictates should be supported. This is an undeniable biblical truth and a challenge to everyone who loves America. No doubt, as ever, it will be scoffed at and the same dark spiritual forces that snuffed out the life of Dr. King will attempt to do the same again by ridiculing those who like him affirm biblical truth. It was in fact a word from God, six thousand years ago, that declared that all men are created equal and in the image of God. It took America’s great Founding Fathers to affirm it for the world in 1776 and a Christian Prophet to the nation in Dr. King to make it real in 1968.

Remember then, that you, as a Christian, have a prophetic voice and responsibility in this upcoming election and therefore you are required to honor God by voting for those people who best support the founding ideas of our Constitution and the principles of righteousness as reflected in the pages of the Bible. This election, as with all elections, is not about individual personalities but policies that best reflect the pages of scripture. It is these that the nation was built upon and which, if embraced again, will save it from decline. God bless America and may He be pleased to exalt her again!

Malcolm Hedding