The Harlot Church

The Harlot Church

The Book of Revelation foresees a day when parts of the believing Church would be wholly corrupted and deceived and, without even knowing it, serve the interests of the powers of darkness. Jesus Himself warned that a day would come when religious people would persecute true believers and thereby believe that they are doing the work of God! This was the “harlot Church” of His day! Its origins were biblical, its heritage was faithful, its place in the world was significant and powerful but it fell prey to leaders who no longer honored God, His word and His ways and thus it became a harlot. The Prophets everywhere warned that a day would come when the people of God would commit spiritual adultery.

The Presbyterian Church of the USA is just such a Church! Its latest vote to disinvest from Israel is appalling as it furthers the agenda of militant Islam! There is just no doubt about this. The Palestinian Unity Government is undergirded by mission statements, be they Fatah (PLO) or Hamas, which call for the total destruction of Israel. They have waged a relentless war in this regard and have launched wave upon wave of terrorist attacks against Israel in order to achieve their goal. A goal by the way that they assert and affirm every day in Arabic! Their latest atrocity is the kidnapping of three Israeli children; but ignoring all of this, the Presbyterian Church of the USA votes to disinvest from Israel as a sign of their outrage at the country; the only true democracy in the Middle East and upholder of values and norms that most western nations cherish!!

More important still is the fact that this takes place in the context of the Middle East where Islamic movements are showing the true face of Islam as they move through the region murdering hundreds of thousands of people who get in their way; just as they did in South Sudan where they murdered two million Christians. Where was the Presbyterian Church then? The Presbyterian Church should be ashamed of itself and those who belong to it should really consider their ongoing affiliation with a Church like this. Some already are.

This however is what happens when Replacement Theology is embraced and followed through on; the Jews always become the target of a church that cannot accept that God is not finished with His ancient people and will still honor all His promises to them unconditionally vouched safe in the Abrahamic Covenant. Christian anti-Semitism is “the child” of this deviant belief system and always has been. In like manner the Apartheid system of government, launched by the Nationalist government in South Africa in 1948, was in fact built on a weird form of Christian replacement theology. Only this time, the Jews were not the target but black people and the system was fully embraced and endorsed by the Dutch Reformed Church. Thank God it later repented!

Israel cannot, in any shape or form, be likened to the brutality of the Palestinian terror machine. There is no equivalence in this matter and the country is a shining light of multi-party democracy and civilized governance in a “sea” of Islamic chaos and brutality. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, recently acknowledged this. Recent polls (6/24) reveal that the majority of Palestinians support the Hamas agenda for the total destruction of Israel. The Presbyterian Church also supports this by siding with the disinvestment campaign against the Jewish State. It’s all part of a sinister plan to discredit Israel, delegitimize Israel and dismantle Israel. For Presbyterians everywhere this is a sad day indeed.

Malcolm Hedding.

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