The Dangers of Ignoring History

Given all the uproar over Israel’s justified incursion into GAZA I have noted, from various sources that, all through the years in different conflicts, pursued by different nations that there were always “voices” that called for disengagement and appeasement in the face of persistent and blatant aggression. For Instance; there were those who thought that the Nazis had obviously improved the lives of millions of Germans at every level and therefore their warlike ‘tones” at mass rallies etc were quite irrelevant and innocuous. Their threats, though often repeated, would amount to nothing!

Even though Mein Kampf (the Nazi Charter) clearly set out the “end game” it was ignored and its sinister agenda calling for the destruction of the Jews and war was regarded as nothing more than rhetoric! In fact there were people in the United Kingdom and even the United States that fully supported the Nazis and even admired them. In the USA the Nazi Party flourished for a while and even held well attended public meetings! The message was clear, there was no need to worry and all the anger and hatred aimed at the Jews was just a passing fad!

Just sixty odd years later another like-minded organization arrived in Gaza with similar goals and rhetoric. It gave help to the Palestinian community there in the form of schools, clinics and general social relief. It murdered the opposition called Fatah and drove them out of town just like Hitler did and in essence bought the support and allegiance of the people. Everyone ignored its violent jihadist speeches at mass rallies that focused on the utter and complete destruction of Israel and its “Mein Kampf” (charter) enshrined the same focus. Even the international community has said very little about this focus choosing rather to “dress” Hamas up as a legitimate partner in the pursuit of peace.

History now instructs us that to ignore reality embodied in documents, books, charters and speeches is to do so at great risk and peril. The Nazi experiment left 53 million people dead all across Europe and Russia. Six million were Jews! Hamas, through its benevolence and hatred of Israel, has led the Palestinians down the same deceptive path but how amazing it is to hear the liberal left western media eulogizing the organization for its activities! They could hardly hide their glee when they announced during the recent war that after all Israel had done Hamas was still fighting back by launching missiles.

All the while the Charter of Hamas remains totally enshrined and continues to call for the total destruction of all of Israel. It also asserts that this is undoubtedly the will of Allah. So, in reality the nature of this struggle is not political but religious just as the struggle against Nazism was not political but religious. Under the surface of this devilish movement was a religious theory based on “Norse God belief systems’ that led them to believe that they were superior to all other people and were called to subdue and triumph over them. The Jewish people were of course the most underdeveloped people on the face of the earth and had to be removed.

Sadly, nothing has really changed; Hamas and their radical Islamic fellow travelers hold a similar belief system. They just live 60 odd years later and in a world that is not prepared to learn from history and that no longer knows or acknowledges the existence of good and evil! Hitler’s jihad against the Jews led to the death of millions of non Jews and the world must recognize that this attack against Israel today could have similar repercussions if it is not recognized for what it is. But, who will listen?

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