The House that Fell

The House that Fell



            “If the peoples of Europe in the seventh and eighth centuries,

             and on up to and including the seventeenth century, had not

             possessed a military equality with, and gradually a growing

             superiority over the Mohammedans, who invaded Europe,

             Europe would at this moment be Mohammedan and the

             Christian religion would be exterminated. Wherever the

             Mohammedans have had complete sway, wherever the

             Christians have been unable to resist them by the sword, Christ-

             ianity has ultimately disappeared…”


             Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States of America


            “The trouble is not that Islam has been violent, it has always

             been violent. It has a consistent record of violence that goes

             back over a thousand years. If history is any guide it will go

             on being violent a thousand years from now, if the world

             continues to be plagued by its savage barbarism for that long.

             Complaining that Islam is violent, that it is abusive, totalitarian

             and rejects co-existence on equal terms is as much as complain-

             ing that the rain is wet.”

                                                            Daniel Greenfield


            “The Arab regimes are a noxious brew of theocratic tyrannies,

             military dictatorships and/or nepotistic monarchies.”

                                                            Martin Sherman


According to Islamic theology the world is divided into two parts; the House of Peace and the House of War or the Dar al Salaam and the Dar al Harb. Those living in the “House of Peace” are under Sharia Law, which is Islamic rule; they enjoy the most advanced civilization on earth and consequently live in paradise. Theirs is by far a superior religion and culture to any other and those outside of it are inferior infidels or kaffirs that by Jihad, the waging of holy war, have to be overcome and brought into submission to Islam and thereby into the magnificent House of Peace.

There is just one small problem to all of this in that that those living in the House of Peace everywhere are in revolt and consequently overwhelmed by the brutality of war and barbarism and are in fact tearing one another apart. Those that can are attempting to escape paradise by fleeing to the “Crusader West!  Martin Sherman writes, ”Across virtually the entire Arab world, from the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Persian Gulf in the East; from the Sahara desert in the South to the upper reaches of the Euphrates in the North, naked violence engulfs entire countries-Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya. Others-like Lebanon and Egypt-are perennially on the cusp of its eruption; and in others (like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia), it lurks, simmering just below the surface, constrained only by the iron grip of police-state tyranny.” To be blunt those living in paradise quickly discovered that this meant the removal of their freedoms and human rights and their subjugation under the heel of despots, murderers and thugs who, in the name of Islam, have robbed them of their human dignity and perpetuated this never ending cycle of abuse by handing over power to their sons or “friends.”

In other words, there is no “bright shining city on a hill” in the Islamic world giving credibility to their utopian claims. The house has fallen; it is split open and thereby laid bare for all to see the truth. No wonder the Islamic block has been desperately trying to get a resolution passed in the United Nations that, if passed, will make it a crime to criticize Islam. They knew all along how bad things were and wanted to cover it all up and then the arrival of ISIS made it all quite embarrassing. Too bad that Twitter, Face Book and text messaging came along in the “nick of time” as well to reveal the truth!

And, what may we ask of the so-called moderate Islamic movement that was fêted, entertained and heavily promoted by the Obama Administration called, “The Muslim Brotherhood?” This “moderate” expression of Islam has relentlessly embarked upon a murdering rampage against the Coptic Christians of Egypt. They have burned Churches down to the ground and literally hacked the Christian worshipers in them to death. Is anyone taking notice and, more important still, is Islam really a religion of peace? If murdering Christians is what moderate Muslims are committed to doing then how can we believe that Islam is really a religion of peace? Muslims, to be sure, have some explaining to do.

Now, of course, as war and conflict engulfs the Muslim world of the Middle East it will all be blamed on Israel and in particular its top secret Shark that now swims free in the Red Sea gathering vital intelligence for the Zionist entity and on its Eagle that embarks on reconnaissance flights over the region likewise gathering sensitive information for its Israeli handlers!

The real truth is that, the peoples of the region are tired of the theocratic rule of Islam that has only kept them poor, enslaved, illiterate and subjugated even though the region enjoys fabulous oil wealth. By the way, where has all this wealth gone? The answer is simple; into the pockets of the ruling elite! Is it not incredible that Israel’s Gross Domestic Product or National Economic Output is bigger than that of most nations in the region combined? Could this have something to do with democracy and freedom? What do you think? And, while talking about Israel, one thing that has emerged by this widespread upheaval in the region is that Israel is not the real Apartheid State in the Middle East but the Arab nations are! In the House of Peace there has been no democracy, no freedom of religion, no equality under the law for minorities, no freedom of press, no equal rights for women, no independent judiciary and no freedom of speech. I grew up in a country like this, it was called South Africa!! Thank God this house also fell because a house built on oppression and human rights abuses must eventually implode. South Africa did just this just as the House of Islam is today. For sure the only “shining city on a hill” in the Middle East is Israel. Of course to concede this is definitely not politically correct. A few Arab journalists who recently did were relieved of their positions and strongly warned not to stray again into such nonsense.

It therefore appears that the truth is finally out and not because of the West or because of the European Union or the United Nations (They were far too busy passing resolutions against Israel and designating the Old City of Jerusalem an Islamic site) but because men and women, mostly young at that, on the “main street” of the Islamic world have decided that enough is enough. No one really knows how all of this will turn out but we can only hope that once the dust of this many-sided conflict in the Middle East has settled that the “house” that emerges will be a kind, compassionate and peaceful one where everyone is free and protected by a truly democratic system guarded and watched over by an independent judiciary. Actually, much like Israel. Oops, I shouldn’t have stated that. But come to think of it; Israel, having built such a house in only a few years, could be well placed to give some good advice to the Islamic world on nation building and financial prosperity. Just a thought.

Malcolm Hedding