The Fourth of July 2019

The Fourth of July 2019

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”
The Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776

The New York Times just put out an article with a video questioning “American Exceptionalism.” They undermined this concept by seeking to point out that, as a people, Americans are no better, and indeed, are a lot worse than other peoples in the spheres of education, racial relations and science etc. For them then the concept of American Exceptionalism has to do with race as if this term asserts that Americans are just better than other people. This whole understanding of American Exceptionalism, as put forward by the New York Times, is actually based on a false narrative, is not based on historical fact and is just a lie! However, people believe this stuff because, quite simply put, they do not know their history.

It is to be noted that the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men are created equal and therefore this undermines the notion that American Exceptionalism is based on race. It is this declaration that empowered Martin Luther King Jr in his fight for black civil rights in the 1960s and because of this he was guaranteed victory.

A plaque on the walls of the Holocaust Museum in Israel, called Yad Vashem, states, “Remembrance is the road to redemption, but forgetfulness is the road to exile.” How true this is, as a people who have forgotten their origins and history will eventually abandon them and lose the freedoms that were once purchased for them at a great price by their founders. This is happening in America today.

American Exceptionalism is to be understood by this; that by the grace and hand of God, and because of the Great Awakening (An amazing Christian revival led by George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards in the original 13 States), the Founding Fathers crafted a form of governance, called the Constitution in 1787 that was unique to the world because it guaranteed freedom and equal dignity for everyone. This Constitution sets out three spheres of government and thereby puts checks and balances in place that would make it well nigh impossible for the freedoms won in the War of Independence with England to be taken away by a dictator. The Bill of Rights (The first Ten Amendments) re-enforced this idea and gave Americans additional protections from abuse by leaders. In fact, the idea of three houses of government; the Congress, Judiciary and the Executive, came directly from Isaiah 33:22:

“For the Lord is our Judge (Judiciary), the Lord is our Lawgiver (Congress),
the Lord is our King (President)…”

Also, Liberty Bell has inscribed upon it a verse of scripture taken from the book of Leviticus that states:

“…….Proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all
its inhabitants….”
Leviticus 25:10

It is because of this Constitution that Americans could build a nation that became a “shining light on a hill” since it freed a people, like none other on earth, to go forth and fully exploit their potential; free from government restraint and abuse. American Exceptionalism has nothing to do with race but everything to do with freedom; and the history of America proves it. It is for this reason that all those seeking high office in the Federal Government have to swear allegiance to the Constitution. A Constitution that is in every way Exceptional, but sadly today, continuously under attack.

So, don’t be fooled by the New York Times or anyone else as American Exceptionalism does exist, we have all been blessed by it and rightly do we rejoice in it on the fourth of July.

God bless America!

Malcolm Hedding
A soon-to-be-proud American Citizen