The Book of Revelation – Introduction

The Book of Revelation – Introduction

The term Revelation means, the making manifest or the unveiling of Christ

A. Authorship, exhortation and warning

The book was written by John in response to the inspiration that Jesus gave him. John was exiled to the Isle of Patmos and, being fairly advanced in years, he wrote the book between AD 92 and 94. The book carries a blessing and warning depending on what attitude the reader takes when he or she approaches it. However, it remains the most neglected book of the Bible by preachers. Revelation 1:3, Revelation 22:18-19.

B. Purpose and concepts

1. To assure believers in Jesus of His ultimate and final triumph over all that is wicked and evil in the world. Revelation 1:7-8, Revelation 22:12-13, Revelation 21:3-4.

2. The book is written in typical Hebraic style meaning that it employs: progressive prophetic fulfillment, Hebrew parallelism and remez. We will say more about this later. Most important of all is the fact that the whole book is written to the whole church! Revelation 1:10-11. Every page of the book is relevant to the church.

3. To set out the things that have to take place in the church and the world in order to bring forth the triumphant second coming of Jesus. Jesus can only step onto the stage of history, literally and physically, when this stage has been set.

In terms of the world; wickedness has to ripen and come to its fullness (Matthew 22:44)….and, in terms of the church, she has to be judged and purified. That is “The Bride must make herself ready.” Revelation 14:14-20 sets forth this principle. Harvest time is coming!

Note: The fullness of wickedness is embodied in the person and regime of Antichrist
and the fullness of the church’s purification is achieved by enduring these.
Revelation 14:9-12; Revelation 7:13-17. Remember, judgment begins with the
household of God! 1 Peter 4:17

Today the “setting of the stage” is rapidly taking place. You have to be spiritually blind not to see it. The rise of electronic money and surveillance systems, the emergence of micro chip implanted technology and the frequent calls by many in places of power and authority for a one world government and religion are all unique signs spoken of in the book of Revelation.

Indeed, the “setting of the stage ” is rapidly drawing to a close and the people of God must get ready for the greatest event in history! Very challenging days are ahead of us and the Corona Virus is just the beginning of sorrows but Christ is coming!

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