Christmas 2015 – Week 52 / December 23rd

Christmas 2015 – Week 52 / December 23rd

Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Dear Friends,

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given;

                                                and the government will be upon His shoulder, and

                                                His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty

                                                God.”                                   Isaiah 9:6


Our world is filled with violence, conflict, uncertainty and financial challenge and if we fix our eyes on it we will certainly give way to despair. Thankfully Christmas reminds us that our security, stability and peace come from another source all together. These come to us from a heavenly source and in particular from the joy and peace that Jesus gives us. He came into the world to dispel the darkness that had enveloped us because of our rebellion against God and all that is good, right, beautiful and pure. We chose sin, darkness and death over a relationship with God our Father in heaven and we inherited the wind, fear and a fallen nature that continues to plague the world in every corner. Ultimately, if not corrected our lives end in bitterness and descend into eternal misery separated from God.


Jesus changed all of this for us and, what really amazes us is, He didn’t have to but chose to enter our world of gloom and by His death redeem us and give us a future that never ends and one that is filled with His love and joy. He did for us what we could never do for ourselves. This is the Christmas story and it is wondrous to say the least. The story itself is magnificent and filled with wonder and amazement. Angels broke in upon our dark night and sang of the glory of God as they announced the birth of Christ. Shepherds beheld these things with godly fear and Kings from the East, guided by a star, brought gifts to the new-born babe that would speak of His person and destiny. Since then the most glorious Carols have been composed giving glory and adoration to the Christ-child in a way that is timeless. Every year we long for them and sing them with joy. Christ is born indeed and has saved us! What a message and what a joy! We are therefore filled with hope and more determined than ever to share His good news with the world.


Cheryl and I therefore wish to thank you for your friendship and fellowship in Jesus. You have nourished our lives, challenged us and brought us closer to God. We truly thank God for your lives and wish you, your loved ones and friends a very blessed Christmas. God is with us and so we face the future filled with hope and in His love and strength.


Merry Christmas,

Malcolm and Cheryl Hedding

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