A Tribute to David Pawson

A Tribute to David Pawson

David Pawson
Man of God
February 1930-May 2020

David Pawson was a remarkable gift to the Body of Christ in that he was more than just an outstanding expositor of the Word of God. David was sent out world-wide by the Holy Spirit as an apostle and prophet. From time to time he would make a prophetic declaration, and these all came to pass with the passage of time.

David was also a fearless preacher and, though of small frame, he could “pack a punch” as he faithfully preached God’s Word. He never shied away from the difficult passages of the Bible, and over the years, many came to hear him when we invited him to be a guest speaker. In all respects he was quite formidable, but those who knew him well found him to be a kind, loving and a generous man. If David Pawson became your friend, then you had in him a friend for life and this was the great privilege that I enjoyed.

I am thankful for his life and work, by the love and grace of God. David Pawson’s ministry will now live on and impact many more lives because he left a library of his many books and videos for all to enjoy and be uplifted and edified by.

This great servant of God has gone home and may we all finish as he did.

Thanks be to God for the life of David Pawson.

Malcolm Hedding