p1190322_resizedOur world is rapidly changing and with this is the emergence of a new morality or ethic that essentially denies truth and rather in its place evaluates what is expedient. This means that current interests and circumstances take precedent over issues of truth. This new approach to so called international diplomacy is being applied to Israel in a most aggressive manner. Time and time again pro-Israel writers, like us, draw attention to truth when defending Israel’s case in various forums; be they magazines, papers, articles or letters to the editor. All is in vain because truth is not what drives or concerns “these people”. They want Israel to return to indefensible borders, and this means those existing before the Six Day War of 1967. Sadly, others want to see her removed and here I am not simply referring to Ahmadinejad. Some western politicians are privately of this mind!

Israeli politicians are coming under huge pressure in this respect and bit by bit they are conceding ground, politically and literally, in this struggle. It can all be quite bewildering and disheartening especially because we know that truth is on our side. And by this I do not refer to our own narrative or idea of truth but to the truth of God’s Word. Even Israelis are beginning to lose faith in their own narrative and this I have noted every year when the Jerusalem Day celebrations take place in June. Increasingly they are characterized by “self doubt” and even the thought that Jerusalem, that is the Old City, is a burden to heavy to bear and possibly should be placed under some type of international jurisdiction. Various Israeli commentators have made this assertion whereas years ago they would never have even dreamed of doing this. The sad fact is; the climate has changed! Truth is being trampled in the streets and the Jews are again under threat of extermination! Hitler said that if you tell the big lie often enough the people will believe it; and they did!

We should all know that there is a very well planned and aggressive strategy being deployed by the political left, radical Islam and historical churchmen to delegitimize Israel, discredit Israel and dismantle Israel. The Israel Apartheid Week is just one branch of this. This strategy is now being broadened out to include evangelicals who traditionally have been firm supporters of Israel. The recent “Christ at the Checkpoint Conference” in Bethlehem is proof of this. The organizers have unashamedly declared that their intention is to infiltrate the evangelical church with a message that is targeted to discredit Christian Zionism. They disavow any Divine and biblical significance in Israel’s modern day restoration and “paint” the Israelis as oppressors! Palestinian violence is totally ignored and in essence they have thrown their “weight” behind the Islamic agenda to destroy Israel. We should not underestimate this movement and we should not seek to placate it since it is very determined and, in some cases, led by proven anti-Semites! Our message is not a new one and was embraced by great preachers like the Wesleys and many more. Even the documents of the early church, through the first four centuries, confirm our message. We must be bold, biblical and gracious.

508_pa25001_rezisedAll of the above can be quite depressing and discouraging if our eyes are upon it exclusively. We must remember that Jesus taught us to “watch and pray”. That is, we must know the field of battle and engage it but we must also know that our strength is in the Lord and in the mighty weapons of intercession, praise and declaration He has given us. Our God is sovereign and He has not abandoned the world to the forces of evil and chaos. In particular, He has not abandoned Israel to the same forces but instead is watching over His Word to perform it and He is watching over Israel day and night in order to save and protect her. The God we serve tests the hearts and minds of His children to enable them to discern truth, love it and live by it. I have the feeling that in the days to come truth is really going to be tested and we must pass the test. According to God’s word a strong delusion, sent from heaven, is coming and many will embrace it, and are, because they did not love the truth. Truth is precious as it locks us into the purpose of God. We must therefore guard it and defend it. This is no hour to be timid!

Though “the night is long the morning will come” and with it the triumph of God’s purpose in the world. We have to be faithful and endure the night so that when the morning comes we will hear Him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Malcolm Hedding

©Malcolm Hedding Ministries