The Politics of Evil – UNESCO Resolution

The Politics of Evil – UNESCO Resolution

“And it shall happen in that day that I will make
Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all
  who would heave it away will surely be cut in
  pieces, though all nations of the earth are
  gathered against it.” – Zechariah 12:3


This week UNESCO decided to rewrite history and thereby assert that the Temple Mount and Western Wall in a Jerusalem have no significance for Israel and the Jewish people. Indeed, according to UNESCO, these are Muslim heritage sites only. This is a day of great shame for the world, and especially for the western nations, that quietly abstained at large from voting while this fiasco was played out. The truth is, this is not only antisemitism in bold display but in fact the demonstration of evil. To think that a people who have had an unbroken relationship with Jerusalem, and particularly with the Temple Mount, for three thousand years can be disinvested of these by a United Nations agency is breathtaking. It is unbridled hatred on display, and in fact the same sort of hatred that was nurtured and unleashed by the Nazis!

There can be no other conclusion, as the decision was so utterly ridiculous, that the reason for it can only lie in the perpetual hatred that this United Nations agency has for Israel and her people. Ignoring all historical facts they went ahead and unashamedly laid bare their racism and hatred for all to see. For sure this also says a lot about the United Nations because it brings into question its sense of judgement and fairness that it is supposed to dispense on behalf of the nations. For some years now the UN has been under suspicion because it routinely sanctions Israel more than it does any other nation in the world. The UNESCO vote proves that the UN is riddled with the evil of antisemitism. It’s time for this monster to be shut down as it can no longer with any sense of fairness and decency further the interests of peace in the world. Indeed, a decision like the one coming out of UNESCO only ferments conflict and war.

The Bible warns that a day will come when the nations of the world will endeavor to wrestle Jerusalem from Jewish control. The vote by UNESCO does just this. The Bible also warns that those who attempt this are inviting the anger of God and He will see to it that they rupture themselves. That is, their heavy lifting days will be over indicating that they will be weakened, lose their influence and be rendered powerless.

The days of UNESCO are numbered.

Malcolm Hedding