Putin, Moons and the Pope

Putin, Moons and the Pope

                                                “And there will be great earthquakes in various

                                                places, and famines and pestilence; and there

                                                will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.”

                                                                                Luke 21:11

                                                “And you will be hated by all for My name sake.

                                                But he who endures to the end shall be saved.”

                                                                                Mark 13:13


There is no doubt that our world is dramatically changing and not for the better. Events now unfolding in the Middle East, Europe and beyond are becoming more chaotic with every passing day. Not to mention the amazing signs that have been unfolding in the heavens above us and especially the moon. Men cry, peace, peace but I fear that judgment awaits a world that is engulfed in evil and loves it so. Muslims in their millions are on the move because they are fleeing the so called paradise of the “House of Peace”, as they call it, for the peace and safety of the Christian West. Do you think that they ever think this through? The religion they hate and wish to destroy, and are destroying in their region by the hundreds of thousands, has built democracies, and a civilized way of life throughout the world, that they desperately desire to get to! To be sure many of the hundreds and thousands now fleeing Syria, and indeed Libya, have sinister motives in that they are Islamic jihadists and therefore intent on bringing their destructive practices to the West. This is the very real danger facing Europe and America today. It is no secret that generally Muslims do not assimilate into their new host cultures and prefer to congregate in ghettos where eventually they call for the implementation of Sharia Law. Much of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have given into this demand thus undermining their age old values and laws and thereby despising their rich and precious heritage and culture. There will be more of the same unless some brave political soul, like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, stands up to stop it.


Putin on the other hand, sensing the weakness of America and the West, is on the move with a newly armed military machine that is very impressive and dangerous. In recent months his long distance bombers TU-160s also known as Blackjacks, armed with nuclear weapons, have penetrated the airspace of Denmark and Sweden and have flown very close to the airspace of Finland and the United Kingdom. Putin’s new MIG-29 is said to be a better performer than America’s F-35 and he has just launched a new generation of super submarines that have a stealth technology that makes them almost invisible. Two of these, apparently, have been sent to international waters off America’s east and west coasts. In addition he has rearmed military outposts near the North Pole and has moved swiftly into Syria with heavy weaponry, a ground to air missile system to counter Israel or the USA and with new MIG-29s. The game is on and Obama and Kerry have been totally out maneuvered and left only with the option to protest! Indeed they created the mess in the Middle East and now the Russians have moved in with determination and fire power. Israel, sadly, is now outflanked and outgunned and to the east the Iranians have been given an open road to nuclear armament. Some say that they are closer to achieving this than our politicians are willing to admit! All of this is not good.


The Pope is also on the move injecting himself into the political world while his advisors weakly attempt to deny it by saying that he is merely fulfilling his pastoral duties to all of humanity. Since when did he become the “shepherd of all humanity?” He will shortly visit the United States and will be hosted by President Obama at the White House on Yom Kippur and, in addition, he will address the two houses of Congress. It is expected that he will make a major statement about climate change, thus reinforcing Obama’s message in this regard, and he will apparently appeal for more radical socialist policies that will transfer wealth from the “haves” to the “have nots.” How strange it is that a spiritual leader is more interested in secular issues than the great biblical themes of salvation, justification, sanctification, holiness and living for Christ. Not that we shouldn’t be interested in the political world around us, Jesus taught us to watch and pray, but the weight of our interest should be on great biblical themes and not political ones. A marriage between church and state is not a good idea and where it has happened only bad things have come out of it. However, there is no doubt that Pope Francis is a rising star on the world scene and that he considers the financial values that made the West great as evil to some extent. His South American roots have a lot to do with his world view in that, as a Jesuit, he has embraced, to some extent, liberation theology which was largely birthed by Catholic clerics in the region. Susan Warner writing for the Gatestone Institute, and commentating on the Pope’s upcoming address to the General Assembly of the United Nations, states:

“The Pope also knows that the UN is poised to strong-arm member nations

to sign on to an impossible globalist agenda that will require a total shift of

the world’s wealth, and a restructuring of international politics and economics

with a one world government and a universal religion at the steering wheel…”

Those who know the Word of God should now have “bells ringing” in their hearts and minds!


Though much has been said and written about the blood moons and the strange signs in the heavens of late it must be said that Jesus encouraged us to look for these as signs of His near coming as they do most certainly warn of judgment to come. Our response to these signs then must not be a sensational or hysterical one but one that urges us to take stock of our lives, repent and ensure that we are living in close union with Christ. This is the desire of God and purpose of God in these things. Jesus is coming soon but, as Paul reminded us, this will only happen after a great falling away and the rise of Antichrist. These two events are nearer than we think.


Putin’s penetration in the Middle East is a remarkable picture of Ezekiel’s oracle where he sees a far northern power hooked in the jaw and pulled down into the Middle East arena (Ezekiel 38:1-8). How amazing it was to watch Netanyahu this passing week getting into a plane, not to fly to Washington, the erstwhile power in the region, but to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. Obama’s administration has certainly changed our world by its lack of resolve but in fact it is God who said that He would drag Russia into the chaos of the Middle East. Our eyes have witnessed amazing things.


All of this coupled with the Pope’s rise to prominence and determination to influence the world dramatically and even religiously constitutes a wake-up call for the true followers of Jesus. Jesus’ great vision, given to John, of latter day events is materializing before our very eyes and it appears that a new accommodation between globalists of the United Nations and the world’s religions is about to dawn upon an unsuspecting world. The Pope is at the center of all of this.


Sadly, tiny Israel now lies in the cross-hairs of almost every international agency. The Jews are expected to surrender Jerusalem to the Palestinians and even Putin says that he will see to it that it happens. Anti-Semitism rages across our world and Jews are again being pictured in grotesque cartoons that have their source in Nazi Germany. The truth is; the world is in for a very big surprise because the God of the Bible who stepped in to save His people from the Egyptians 3300 years ago is once again going to come down with great might and power and He will unveil Himself and defend His ancient people Israel again. Thus will the nations know that He alone is God and that He rules the world in righteousness by Jesus Christ.

Be alert, watch and pray!


Malcolm Hedding